Damien Leroux

Who am I?

Self-taught in my daily tasks , I have become attached to the open source JavaScript React / NodeJs eco-system. I love sharing information! I do it in the office, when sharing a coffee, during a meeting, on Github or SO... I believe exchanging leads to progresses. Full-stack developer into my heart and mind, I like to develop anything: APIs, SQL / NoSQL queries, specific business process, reactive UI, universal rendering, deployment scripts ... I always take a lot of pleasure in savoring the satisfaction to succeed.


With a nice experience as a lead developer within the Mphasis Wyde R&D section, I subsequently wanted to take on new challenges of a completely different kind. As a result, I'm working now at Evenium Inc. Collecting needs, finding out ins an outs of a project, managing a roadmap, desgining and implementing solution is what I do best.

State of mind

In order to get the best of what a team can offer every engineer must be challenged and accompanied. Taking advantage of everyone's skills makes it possible to obtain a the required wanted application. I believe that every engineer must be involved and empowered in each step from the beginning to the end of a project. The same rule applies to the Product Owner. In my personal work, I think that testing developments is a source of truth. In order to ensure the quality of a deliverable, all the critical elements of a solution must be associated with automatic tests. These tests improves security, saves a lot of time and represente the project functional description.